We’ve created a new type of “hand sewn” fashion socks that will provide a treat for every bold and stylish woman’s feet while amping up her confidence and sex appeal whenever she wears it with her favorite high heels and sandals.

Spanteez Foot Thongz “hand sewn” fashion socks reveal your toes while providing just enough material on the rest of your feet to reflect powerful femininity. By slipping on the tiny hand sewn “fashion socks,” any woman can instantly enhance the way her shoes look and feel on her feet without the need for hosiery.

Spanteez Foot Thongz “hand sewn” fashion socks are hand sewn, colorful, and textured foot adornments made of high-quality stretch mesh, lace and fishnet material. We are on a mission to empower women who dare to let their lingerie be seen on the outside with a self-assured sexiness that is totally tasteful and a tad naughty.

Michael Spanteez


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